Your pork or Your life!

Due to the rising prices of meat in southern China, robbers have started stealing pork because it has become so valuable. In the last year pork prices have soared more than 40%.

According to the Shenzhen Jing newspaper, a peddler was robbed of his motorcycle and his load of 125kg of pork.

He was on his way to a market in Shenzhen, which lies on the border of Hong Kong.

The suspects rushed from a minibus and threatened him with a knife.

“They took the pork because it was more expensive than the motorcycle,” a local police officer was quoted as saying.

According to the police officer, the stolen motorcycle would fetch as little as 100 yuan, while the pork would be sold for more than 3000 yuan.

According to the news report, the four would-be robbers were caught and will appear in court soon.

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