AbsolutelyTrue.com : Humanity has gone really crazy !

This great blog recently I have discovered made me totally crazy and addicted to read every day. Highly recommended, if you are a fan of weird and bizarre news, funny videos and celebrity news and gossips with taste.

Who is this crazy woman who stole the man's genitals? Do you think that it is not real? The thing that makes this blog unique is that they provide proofs to their stories. After seeing such freaky news, you will begin thinking that the truth is stranger than fiction.

AbsolutelyTrue.com has not only weird stuff but also
strange and funny videos, you will really
be sorry for the poor girl in
The Kissing Test. It is extremely funny.

Do we mostly like celebrities? No! But, damned ... We can not stop ourselves reading what stupid and maybe evil things Britney and Paris Hilton made last night. Celebrity snark and gossip is always pulling us like a magic. AbsolutelyTrue.com publishes latest hot news videos of celebrities in minutes after they appear.

Now, it is your turn to go crazy!

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