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While I was collecting information about printed advertising world for one of my other ads media related blogs, I met with this excellent blog. The articles are objective critics about the latest printed photography and illustrations works done by advertising agencies. It is clear that the writer is a professional who works in this field. He tells us what is wrong or correct with these advertising photos and what it could be done to improve the quality of them.

Let's take an example to explain further.

Critics about the photos of a Subaru Printed Advertisement
Looking at this Subaru car ad, I was just thinking why bother? It looks like the first days of Photoshop or something....... But seriously if you take the car out and most of the faces some of these are really nice locations.

When I have looked the photos at the first glance, didn't notice anything bad but if you look after reading the critics you will better understand where the evil is.

I got my lessons. Subaru is well known by its decisive quality and power, so their ads always have be the top notch to support the reputation and never be cheap-looking.

Stillad also provides us information about advertising agency, creative director, art director, copywriter etc. of the presented ads. So, what you are reading is not under mist.

I suggest to anyone who looks for of high quality content. If your desire is to learn and get professional ideas what is happening in this niche, it is your correct resource.

Come on ! Check this too. Perrier, a beautiful photoshop-ed ass!

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