Ultimate Power Ninja - Stunning Satire Book

Written in a hidden dark undertone, one tells a story of a boy for whom ninjas are an escapist fantasy where he can run away from his horrible home life, his lack of friends and generally his alienation from the world, where he is a ninja and his hyperactive tendencies become not irritating and unmanageable, but totally sweet.

I believe what really makes REAL Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book 'totally sweet' and makes it totally riotous is Hamburger's mastery of the childish language and psyche. He writes just as a hyper-active 10-year-old might speak: a mile a minute with no pause for breath. Hamburger puts 'ands' were you or I might put a 'period.' He occasionally reaches for the "big" words only to pull out something completely wrong! Hamburger writes as a child who has escaped reality into this ideal fantasy about ninjas wherein the real world is reflected off of his fantasy: people whom he likes and behave as he would are considered "totally sweet" with ninja potential and anything/one he doesn't like is, as he puts it several times, "BULLCRAP!"

While the website is all about Robert's view of ninjas, this book is most definitely not about ninjas. And when you finish it, you'll find yourself surprised by how moving it truly is. The ultimate of funny and cynic reading.

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