Best Archos Android Tablet

First of all, let me emphasize that Archos makes middle-tier tablets and I will not compare to an iPad 2 or Asus Transformer. This review will tell you about exactly which archos tablet you should buy.

Archos 101 tablet has still the best price, performance balance on its class. If you aim to buy and Android tablet with 10.1 inch screen, it will make you just happy with a few cons without spending a great deal of hardly earned dollars on a tablet.

Here are a few pros before the cons. First of all, it has USB slot, microSD expansion slot, bluetooth to enjoy wireless keyboards, HDMI output, 16GB storage, above average quality internal speakers, DNLA streaming support.

Cons include the bad cameras and non pre-installed Google Android market. (Although it is possible and easy to get it if you search the web a bit).

Overall, I am quite happy with my Archos 101 review and plan to buy another one for my wife.

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