How to Prevent Bladder Infection

Bladder infection is a very common disease and each year millions of dollars are spent to heal it with the help of antibiotics. It is the inflammation of urinary bladder by bacteria, Escherichia Coli being the most common variant. It is the main bladder infection cause. Urethra is connected to urinary bladder and this is the way how bacteria enter inside and begin populating at the walls of bladder. It is possible to prevent bladder infections before they occur. You should care your personal hygiene and wash your hands a lot. It is needed to get daily dose of vitamins to keep immune system high. Cranberry juice has special acids which will kill many bacteria variants which cause the bladder infection. Green tea has such properties as well although it is not as strong as in cranberry juice. Drinking a lot of water will also cycle the bladder along with the unwanted bacteria. These are the simplest prevention methods anyone can easily follow. Remember, it is possible to avoid from bladder infection.

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