LA Noire PS3 Game Review

PS 3 games have been improving ever since it began. Games today are compared to real life situations that are just so realistic in a manner that sometimes it really does affect an individual playing the game. There are a lot of games that enthusiastic players can choose but one game they should purchase and try if they haven't had the chance to play it is the L.A. Noire.

I am sure many of you have heard all about the one of the best ps3 games because it has been in the news as one of the top rated games ever made by game critiques. This L.A. Noire is quite different from the other games not just in the story but because of technology it was created from. It used powered system software that made it realistic enough with all the right colors and sounds. It has even the soundtrack that will be pleasing to the ears and worth listening.

But the main thing about what makes this game realistic is the story itself. The story is something better unlike any other story which would mainly involve killing the villain. But in this game, you will become part of the L.A. police department that will investigate a lot of cases from murders to robbery. You will have to face victims as well that will make you do a lot of investigations. If you are the type of player that loves suspense then this L.A. Noire will be a great choice for you to buy. So what are you waiting for, grab it now at the store near you.

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